Kingdom & Rush Davis — Love Is Blood

Goldlink — Diaspora

Ize — Come Up

The New York Times — Newsroom

Moncler x Salehe Bembury — Moncler ēquipements

Madison Square Garden Sphere Vegas — Mortal Kombat 1

Richie Shazam — Savitree

OnePlus — 15 Seconds

The New York Times —  AR Storytelling

Gen.G x Puma — League of Legends World Championships

Lil Yachty — Love Music

GRVTY × Soundcloud — An Unusual Origin

Minty Boi Presents — Elf Rave Live Mocap Visuals

Magdalena Bay — Chaeri

Saweetie — Fast (Motion)

The 83rd — Down Now

WifiGawd — Outside

Alexander Wang × Adidas — The Last Hack

SHIPPING — One Night Only

Eel Tank— Live Visuals

Ize — 3D interactive website

April & Vista — Pit of My Dreams

Goldlink— Joke Ting

London On Da Track— Tomorrowland 2019

Four Horsemen & The Apocalypse

The 83rd ft Eartheater— Untitled

Brasstracks— Missed Your Call

The 83rd— The Resurrection

Prison Religion— Nibiru

Chino Amobi— Eroica

Sneaks— Live Visuals

Christharp — Echoes Of Ambiance

Prison Religion — ANSSS1

Onirologia — Bernardino Da Siena

88Rising — Head In the Clouds II

Ot To, Not To — It Loved

Alfred — LikeYou!

GRVTY — Sound Mind, Sound Body